Jun 13, 2012


Windmill Early Warm Spring Day-12"X16"

Available at Expressions

I just dropped off to Expressions my first two official windmill paintings. I did the plein air study for this way back on one of those exceptionally weird summer type days we had at the beginning of spring. I decided to do a larger studio piece (shown above) as I really liked the color quality of the landscape that the haze was creating. It felt like August, except the harbor was not filled with boats, just people glad to enjoy an early taste of the warmth. I am really liking the new windmill and I know it will be a feature in a lot of my future paintings. The air quality toned down the windmill nicely so it blends in without being overpowering to the painting. I didn't test the water that day, but it must have been numbing for that time of year, even with the air so warm. Brrrr.

Jun 7, 2012

The Self Portrait Project

Art House Co-op-Brooklyn Public Library

I really enjoy these projects that the Art House Co-op puts on. I recently entered one of them called The Self Portrait Project a while back and if I am reading correctly they will be displayed August 16, 2012 at the Brooklyn Art Library. Well, that warrants a road trip to see my daughter and take in the exhibit, don't you think?

I am trying to work on more oils and this was a great and simple way to do it. A little 4"X4"canvas. I am thinking I may call this, "Reflections of my father's eyes". I was lucky enough to inherit my Dad's intense blue eyes. The way the light was falling as I painted, I really was seeing my father in me. What is more important is that his values, love of his children and his sense of humor were also passed along to me. I feel blessed that everyday when I look in the mirror I am reminded of my father through my own eyes.

And it goes on...when I was expecting my youngest child, I asked God for the baby to of course be healthy, but also a small wish for the baby to inherit the Farrell blue eyes. Never did I think that would happen as my husband has the very dominant, beautiful too, dark brown eyes which my other two children had already inherited.
Well, Cam entered the world with blue eyes, but I still expected them to turn after a few months, but they never did. So the title has a double entendre...Thanks God and Dad, too.