Sep 4, 2014


12"X12" Crow Island Preserve
"Water" was the Painting Challenge this month for Girls Just Wanna Paint and I painted this scene.

One of the fun parts about exploring and painting in Maine is you head down a road where you have never been and are rewarded with exciting new painting scenes. Although most Maine natives and local artists are, I am sure, very aware of this scene, my friends and I had never been down the road which leads to this area even though it is not too far from the seaside farm where we stay. The particular day we ventured there was a quickly changing scene due to the winds and ever changing clouds that day. The sun kept playing hide and seek behind the clouds. At one point the water just in front of this preserve had this different greenish turquoise cast. It definitely intrigued me. This may have to be explored in more depth in a large painting and possibly in oil. 
I know next year I will venture back to this spot as there is much to paint. 
(Also, I think I have to rephotograph the final painting as I am not quite happy with this photo of the work. I don't think it is picking up some of the colors and values in my painting. Some paintings are more of a challenge to photograph than others. So check back for a better image...)

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