Jul 31, 2015

Been in a fog lately

6"X8" River Fog-Pastel on pastel board

Our Girls Just Wanna Paint Challenge this month- Fog. This is a little fog study from our local South River. BwaaaAaaaa.


Jul 1, 2015

Bathing Beauties

Bathing Beauty Gulls 8"X8" Pastel 

Our latest Girls Just Wanna Paint challenge this month is Bathing Beauties. There are times when it is just so peaceful to watch seagulls perform their aerial dance and gracefully touch down into the water. I found myself entranced with them while up in Maine recently.  This piece will probably makes its way to Expressions, if you're interested in purchasing. Just needs some framing.  
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May 31, 2015

Girls Just Wanna Paint and Norwood Art Association Demo

Demo at Norwood Art Association and Girls Just Wanna Paint Challenge-Marsh

I was asked to do a demo at the Norwood Art Association and I also had the May Challenge of "Marsh" for our Girls Just Wanna Paint Challenge, so I challenged myself to do our theme at the demo. (Or how to kill two birds with one stone.) 
I used Uart paper mounted on a nice thick archival board to prevent warpage, and watercolor and gouache for my underpainting. I brought along my handy, dandy travel hairdryer to speed the drying time of the underpainting. When I paint plein air, I find the sun and wind are enough to dry the underpainting quickly. And then I jumped into the pastels. This is a process I have used forever and find it keeps the painting light in feeling and some of the underpainting still reads through playfully. 

Demos are always fun and interesting to do. You have to think fast, keep everyone entertained so they won't nod off and educate all in a short span of time. The Norwood Art Association audience was fantastic. Such a nice group of people, great questions asked and wonderful to interact with. Thank-you for the opportunity! And Thank-you to Nora for the pictures from the demo. Very appreciated. 

12"X12" South River Marsh 
This piece will be for sale at Expressions, Scituate or contact me directly through my website www.mfbruno.com 

Apr 24, 2015

Focus On Figures Show

Kiss-Oil Painting 

This oil painting of my daughter and granddaughter was accepted into the North River Arts Society Focus on Figures Show Juried Show. The opening is Friday April 24, 7-10pm. And gallery hours run from April 25-May 3rd. (Mon-Fri 9-noon, Sat&Sundays 1-3.) I always enjoy this show as the figure is one of my favorite subjects to paint and draw.  It is always a pleasure to see the other artists interpretations of the figure, also. I originally painted this piece for the GJWP challenge-Love

Speaking of the figure, I am honored and excited to have one of my portrait pieces included in the recently published book Art Journey-Portaits and Figures, published by North Light Books. You can click the link directly on this blog or on my website for more info and to purchase. It is available as a hardcover or ebook (make sure you are choosing the correct format if you would like to purchase.) It was so interesting reading all the different commentaries and techniques of the talented artists in this book. 

Jan 1, 2015

Happy New Year

Lost Field 6"x6" 
Margaret Farrell Bruno

Our Girls Just Wanna Paint Challenge for January is Memory. I chose the field that was near my house as the subject since it was recently plowed down to build houses. I am trying to take the outlook that I was lucky that I got to enjoy it and paint paintings of this subject for many years. I knew that it was inevitable that houses would someday be built in this area, so I made sure to paint and take lots of photos over the years in all seasons. It was still very sad to see it go. On the bright side, we do still have some protected areas that were required to remain untouched and I am hoping that in some of those areas this beautiful field grass may reestablish itself. I am thinking positive for the New Year and looking forward to those days.