Dec 21, 2012

Oct 31, 2012

Hoboken Stroll Study

I will be giving a demo at the PPSCC Members show Nov. 10, 1pm-Pastel Demo Info

I am hoping this Hoboken spot and the people in the area are fairing alright with the last number of days events. My daughter lived in Hoboken until recently and I enjoyed visiting her often while she was there. Some of her close friends are still in the area. The restaurants and shops all around the area were fantastic and a pleasure to take in. And I had recently finished up this little study in anticipation of creating a larger piece of the scene.

My prayers and well wishes go out to all the people affected by this horrible monster of a storm! Please know you are in our thoughts.

Ways to help are already being established- Here is one link to the Red Cross to help out the victims. Red Cross

Oct 4, 2012

color mixer

Golden Color Mixer

Okay, so this link above is kinda neat. Of course, trying it with real paint is going to give you better results, but you could still use it as a tool to help you on your way. I am sure monitor calibration is an issue, too. But still just fun to play with while your taking a break. And if you want to save a little on your paints, it may be a good starting point to test how to get to a certain color. How many of us have proceeded to mix a color and boy did it go wrong along the way.

Speaking of color, love the blue in the water. (Self portrait photo I was goofing around with up in Maine.) According to the color mixer, I may get a good match by going with either Cobalt Blue or Ultramarine Blue mixed with Manganese Blue Hue. Have to head to my studio and test it out.

Aug 31, 2012

Catching up on blog-Let's start way back in June

Plein Air Drawing-NewHarbor Maine area-June 2012

OTB Drawing

Raphael-Seated Woman with Child

This summer was so busy I did not get to give my blog the attention I would have wanted to. So let's go back in time a little. I mentioned that I went on a trip to Maine with some fellow painters way back in June. I thought I would post some of the images from that trip in my next few blog entries. I was waiting for OTB to be finished as the image I produced for OTB was based on a plein air drawing that I did on that trip to Maine way back in June and I did not want to give away what my OTB piece was. I drew this plein air drawing after climbing down onto the rocky area that overlooked this scene.

It is employing a technique that I have consistently used throughout my career starting way back in college in Life Class over 30 years ago…(eek) and a technique that many artists have used throughout history. And that is using a colored or toned paper and drawing with pencil, conté or any  medium and then using white highlights. I have included a gorgeous piece here by Raphael where he used this technique. Another one of my past blog posts-"Ivy"- also shows this technique, although when I photographed the piece it did not pick up the light areas very well, but is quite clear in the original piece.

I am also excited about a new paper that just came out on the market produced by Strathmore and can't wait to try it out. It comes in toned tan and toned gray and in both hard and soft cover. Here is a link if your interested-Strathmore Toned Sketch. Definitely will be checking the tooth and feel of this paper.

Aug 15, 2012

Outside the Box and Pastels By Invitation


Just wanted to give a heads up for two shows happening right now. Outside The Box fundraiser is back this year at the North River Arts Society. Artists, photographers, artisans, members and supporters have donated an 8"X8" artwork. The works are 2 or 3 dimensional pieces. The fun part is that each piece is unsigned and a lot of the artists purposefully executed works out of their usual medium or style. So no one knows who's piece they are viewing or bidding on. You are bidding on something solely on your own preferences. You can even bid and view the show if you live far away-click here.
After the last bidding day, there is a closing night event where it is now revealed who the artist is. Lots of surprises. Guess which piece is mine? But, I will not let you know if you are right…until closing night, that is.


                                                PASTELS BY INVITATION 2012

There is still time to view a wonderful annual show of pastel artwork right now, Pastels by Invitation, featuring artwork by nationally known pastel artists. I was honored to be invited back this year. It runs until August 28th, so there is plenty of time to catch the show if you didn't make the opening. It is at the Creative Arts Center in Chatham, MA. So if you are vacationing on or near the cape, drop on by and see this colorful and creative show.

Additional Details-Pastels By Invitation

Aug 1, 2012

Cloud Study Christmas Cove

This is a small plein air cloud study in oil from my trip to Maine. The cloud formations were amazing when we were there and they were moving at a rapid pace that day. I really had to work quickly... a good lesson as I am trying to improve my pace working plein air in oils.

Jul 11, 2012

Nantucket Sunset

This is actually a piece I did years ago, but  I thought I would share. I love sunrises and sunsets. Who doesn't? I went on a recent painting trip to Maine with some other great and wonderful artist friends and woke up one of the mornings at 3:45. I made the mistake of looking out the window and was hooked on the sunrise. I couldn't get back to sleep and finally gave in to the gift and ran down to the waters edge to take it all in. At one point one of the lobstermen was heading out in his dinghy to his boat, (yes, I was even awake before the lobsterman), and he noticed me standing on our dock. I know he must have thought I was crazy as I was standing there with my sweatshirt hood pulled over my head, (mosquitos were vicious), my night gown creeping out from under my sweatshirt and hanging out over my sweatpants. Such a pretty sight... But he yelled, "hello",  pointed in a direction and told me to head over to the "point" for a better view. So of course I followed his suggestion and headed through the woods toward the direction he pointed. I didn't exactly know how to get to the "point", but I made my way to the rocky cliff area, which was spectacular enough. What a treat. I am not sure how long I was there, but I saw many a lobstermen heading out silhouetted against the glorious sky. I finally headed back to the house and gradually everyone came down for breakfast. When I told them my adventure, it became contagious and the next morning a few others woke early and strolled out for their moment. I slept in that morning to catch up on my lost sleep from the day before.

Thank-you Joreen, Sally, Kelley and Patty for a fantastic week of painting, friendship and great food, wine and glorious cosmos. It will be a treasured adventure forever.

(I'll post some pics of paintings and the trip soon.)

Jun 13, 2012


Windmill Early Warm Spring Day-12"X16"

Available at Expressions

I just dropped off to Expressions my first two official windmill paintings. I did the plein air study for this way back on one of those exceptionally weird summer type days we had at the beginning of spring. I decided to do a larger studio piece (shown above) as I really liked the color quality of the landscape that the haze was creating. It felt like August, except the harbor was not filled with boats, just people glad to enjoy an early taste of the warmth. I am really liking the new windmill and I know it will be a feature in a lot of my future paintings. The air quality toned down the windmill nicely so it blends in without being overpowering to the painting. I didn't test the water that day, but it must have been numbing for that time of year, even with the air so warm. Brrrr.

Jun 7, 2012

The Self Portrait Project

Art House Co-op-Brooklyn Public Library

I really enjoy these projects that the Art House Co-op puts on. I recently entered one of them called The Self Portrait Project a while back and if I am reading correctly they will be displayed August 16, 2012 at the Brooklyn Art Library. Well, that warrants a road trip to see my daughter and take in the exhibit, don't you think?

I am trying to work on more oils and this was a great and simple way to do it. A little 4"X4"canvas. I am thinking I may call this, "Reflections of my father's eyes". I was lucky enough to inherit my Dad's intense blue eyes. The way the light was falling as I painted, I really was seeing my father in me. What is more important is that his values, love of his children and his sense of humor were also passed along to me. I feel blessed that everyday when I look in the mirror I am reminded of my father through my own eyes.

And it goes on...when I was expecting my youngest child, I asked God for the baby to of course be healthy, but also a small wish for the baby to inherit the Farrell blue eyes. Never did I think that would happen as my husband has the very dominant, beautiful too, dark brown eyes which my other two children had already inherited.
Well, Cam entered the world with blue eyes, but I still expected them to turn after a few months, but they never did. So the title has a double entendre...Thanks God and Dad, too.

May 31, 2012

Back to my own work


We just had the North River Arts Society Festival of the Arts. It is always so much fun. We had great weather, a great crowd, wonderful artists, artisans, entertainers, children and dogs. I was lucky to get 2 pieces in this year, one of which is above. And I was thrilled when I saw the model who posed for this show up on Saturday to take in the event. I hadn't seen her since I painted her at our Thursday drop in sessions at the GAR hall. She is a wonderful model with incredible features. I hope she comes back soon as I would love to paint her again. The juried and photography shows run through this weekend so there is still time to see all the marvelous work. Today and tomorrow until 12 noon and then Saturday and Sunday from 1-4.
Some great artist friends who were demoing for the weekend
Christine Bodnar, Donna Rossetti Bailey and Ann Musto
I think Ann's painting sold right off her easel.

It was exciting seeing my artist friend Jody's daughter working on her Mom's painting. She is keeping the tradition of painting alive in her family. 3rd Generation artist.
Jody's blog is listed under "my favorite links".
I was so busy working the Festival, I didn't get to take a lot of pictures. Next year…
Now it's time to get back to my own painting. Looking forward to lots of painting this summer.

For more images of the Festival and a video:

Apr 30, 2012

Lawson Tower

The Scituate Harbor Arts Walk is coming up this Friday night and running through the weekend. Always a fun and festive time. Lots of artists will be demo-ing all around the harbor for the weekend. And Friday night the shops are open later than usual with refreshments and goodies. I will be doing a portrait demo on Saturday from 11am until around 2 at Expressions.  I also recently dropped off this little plein air piece at the shop, too.

And speaking of plein air, I am very excited to be offering a Pastel Painting workshop this summer on Monhegan Island. Monhegan Island is about ten miles off the coast of Maine has been a haunt for many an artist for years and years. This will be a great opportunity to explore this beautiful island while learning or expanding your knowledge of this wonderful medium. If your a workshop attendee, the Monhegan House is offering a special discount, too.  For more information go to:

Can't wait!

Apr 13, 2012

Focus On Figure


I have two pieces accepted in the Focus on Figures Show at the North River Arts Society that opens tonight. This one received an honorable mention. I painted it at the Monday figure sessions we hold. The model is so beautiful and her hair framed her face so nicely that day, that I decided to focus in and do more of a portrait. My whole life I always wanted hair like hers. Soft flowing ringlets…a painters delight. We draw straws as to where we stand our easel and I was lucky to get one of the first picks that day and loved this angle and light. I think I walked around her 3 times before deciding, but kept coming back to the same spot.

Here is the link to the opening and info on the show. Focus on Figures. Got a little sneak peek the other day after the drop off. Looks like some awesome work again this year. The show doesn't have a size limitation, so there is some really nice large paintings.

Also, Thanks again to Eclipxe Salon in Norwell for sponsoring one of the awards! Thanks Kellie and Val!

Mar 6, 2012

Under The Brim

Cleaning my studio and came across some paintings from life sessions. Loved this model and her hat was just perfect for her.

More info on my

Feb 3, 2012

Great Sales!

Everybody loves a sale! Especially on art supplies. We "starving artists" are always on the lookout for a good buy. Thought I would post a few recent really sweet finds. 
Enjoy and happy shopping. (All sales are for a limited time…)
And of course-Go Pats! (Sorry, I'm a dedicated Boston fan.)

Jan 31, 2012

Flip of a coin

Beach Dunes

All my wonderful artist friends know what I am talking about when I refer to the big discussion that ensues about whether you made it into the "Duxbury show" or not…Every year people either complain or are thrilled with the results and it becomes a big topic of conversation. I was lucky enough this year that the coin flipped in my favor. If you put it into percentages for the number of times I have entered and made it in, it's probably maybe 50%. I remember one year entering the show thinking I would have no issues making the cut with one particular painting. I even only entered one piece I was so confident. Well, you can guess the results. (Large buzzer sound-Baaah!) The only good thing that occurred that year, was I didn't let this thwart me and entered it into another show where that piece proceeded to win Best In Show.

The jurying process really is subjective, even historically. Just look at the Salon des Refusés of 1863 which included such notables as Cézanne, Pissarro, Manet and Whistler.

So the moral of the story is:
Never get disheartened if you don't make it into a show and Never get your ego up if you do.
-author me

I also read this quote recently and am making it my mantra not only for my art, but for my life-

Never compare your journey with someone else's. Your journey is your journey and not a competition.
-author unknown

Jan 20, 2012

White and Blue

Contact me to order prints via my website

I was awoken early this morning by the school systems "connect ed". I guess there is so much snow out there  (cmon-it's a dustin'!) that they implemented alternative bus routes for this morning. pfft. What, do we live in Virginia? Throw some chains on those big yellow suckers and toughen up! Can you tell I don't like to wake up to the sound of the telephone ringing first thing in the morning? I am so not a morning person.
You know, when I was a kid I walked 2 1/2 miles to my junior high (what they call middle school nowadays). Seriously, 2 1/2 miles. That was the cut off. And our walking route actually included walking through a cemetery. If I had to stay after for any activities, there were times I was walking through the dark through the cemetery…Scary! But, We were tough. I actually remember a blizzard that was not predicted to be as bad as it was, so they had to let us out early from school. Back in the day of dinosaurs they didn't have the sophisticated weather predicting resources our weather men have nowadays. Although, here in New England that sometimes does not seem to help. Anyhow… I was wearing a pair of loafers, not boots, since they hadn't predicted this Nor'easter and the wind was howling and the snow was coming down sideways and fast. I had to squint my eyes to stop the stinging of the piercing snow as I tried to see where I was going as I plodded through the deepening snow. It seemed to take forever to finally get home and my feet and hands were numb and my face bright red. When I finally fell through my kitchen door my mother turned, glanced at me and cheerily asked me why it took so long for me to get home. We were tough. No alternative bus route for me. No bus for me. We were tough. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…I know. The alternative bus route is for our children's safety. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda. (wimps)
The picture above I actually took last year around this time when we did have a nice big storm that would have warranted an "alternative bus route". I am too grumpy to go out this morning and take photos this morning. Plus it's too dangerous out there.