Dec 2, 2014

Magical Moment

Black and White Pencil Drawing

The Girls Just Wanna Paint challenge for this month is "Magical". And what could be more magical than becoming a grandmother? And of course this little munchkin deserves a portrait right away. Boy, it is going to be hard to not sneak away from my studio and spend lots of time with her. I already pass many an hour just staring at this little pineapple, watching her little expressions and listening to her sighs and adorable noises. Even her cries don't bother me. So much fun. It's truly magical. 

Nov 14, 2014

Some long overdue updates!


Catching up on some long overdue news in the next couple of blogs.

The Pastel Society of America recently held their annual juried show, held at the National Arts Club in NYC and Disconnected was accepted. I always find it a privilege and honor when my work is juried into this show as it is sitting next to the exceptional work of my pastel peers. And getting accepted to this particular show is no easy task. I recently heard the number of entries they received with how many ended up being accepted. Holy pastel dust, Batman!

What a daunting task for all the jurors. Thank-you to all involved at PSA for the dedication and hard work you put into this show every year!

I worked on this piece for quite sometime, considering placement of elements, design, palette and the painting’s message, which I hope is obvious and is a social comment. I used a triangular design to keep interest centered on the girl in the foreground and added a little whimsy throughout so the message wouldn’t be too heavy, including a double entendre of the Flatiron “art space” since you are viewing a 2 dimensional painting of that space. In other words, the painting is an art space in and of itself.

And speaking of space, I have always loved the inside of the National Arts Club. It's as if you have been transported back in time.

For anyone who would like to see this piece up close, I am currently having a solo show at the Helen Bumpus Gallery in Duxbury until January 6th and this is one of the pieces included.
Helen Bumpus Gallery

Oct 1, 2014

"Expressions of Fall" 6"X6" Pastel on board 

The September Girls Just Wanna Paint Challenge was "Expressions". Man, being more of a realist painter, this was a challenge to me. This painting is an "Expression" of the feelings fall brings to me. Wonderful flowing colors and their motion, sparkling and dancing with the fall winds. I tried to keep it somewhat abstract, but my realism bent kept sneaking in. I can't help it! 

Sep 4, 2014


12"X12" Crow Island Preserve
"Water" was the Painting Challenge this month for Girls Just Wanna Paint and I painted this scene.

One of the fun parts about exploring and painting in Maine is you head down a road where you have never been and are rewarded with exciting new painting scenes. Although most Maine natives and local artists are, I am sure, very aware of this scene, my friends and I had never been down the road which leads to this area even though it is not too far from the seaside farm where we stay. The particular day we ventured there was a quickly changing scene due to the winds and ever changing clouds that day. The sun kept playing hide and seek behind the clouds. At one point the water just in front of this preserve had this different greenish turquoise cast. It definitely intrigued me. This may have to be explored in more depth in a large painting and possibly in oil. 
I know next year I will venture back to this spot as there is much to paint. 
(Also, I think I have to rephotograph the final painting as I am not quite happy with this photo of the work. I don't think it is picking up some of the colors and values in my painting. Some paintings are more of a challenge to photograph than others. So check back for a better image...)

If you see any painting on my blog or website you are interested in purchasing, feel free to contact me. 

Aug 1, 2014

Joined GJWP

Flowering Tree 9"X12", Oil
Contact me via my website if interested in purchasing

I have just joined the Girls Just Wanna Paint Challenge Blog. I am thrilled and honored to be included in such a great group of talented painters. To top it off, they are all just wonderful and fun women, too. Every month we are given a "challenge" of an object or idea to incorporate into a painting.

This month was "Trees", so I have now also become a Dendrologist. I actually do enjoy studying trees. Each individual tree and each species is so unique and complex, especially to paint! How often do we artists end up with broccoli like trees? Arg.

They are also our guardians, giving us shade and shelter, wood to build our homes, furniture and tools and often food for our tables, but for the most part we ignore them. So on Arbor Day, April 24th, 2015, I am marking my calendar to plant a tree to show my gratitude for this gift on our earth.

Jul 16, 2014

Busy times

It’s hard to believe that it is already July 16th. I don’t know where the month has gone. I’m sure everyone is feeling the same way. But, I have been so pleased with the run of wonderful weather we have had! Great for the beach, sailing, swimming and fishing.

                                         Available at Kendall Gallery- Fishing, End of Day
And speaking of fishing, I am excited to announce that I am one of the artists featured in an article titled Sand, Surf, Sea and Sky in this months Pastel Journal magazine. It’s a bi-monthly magazine so will be on stands through September.  Here is a video on the magazine and this month's selections.
Along with getting lots of plein air painting in recently, I have been involved in different art shows here and there. I will be posting updates on my blog in the next coming weeks.  

This painting will be at the South Shore Science Center Juried Show-Through The Garden Gate. A study of a house and garden in Maine. I may want to paint this one in a larger format in oil. The "meet the artists" reception is July 23rd. Lots of wonderful artists involved. The show runs through August 24th. Details here: South Shore Science Center

Jun 24, 2014

Field In Yellow


Had a fantastic time on our annual Maine painting trip. A few artist friends and I spend the week down east. The weather was absolutely picture perfect.  We had limited connection on our devices since we were not near a cell tower and the place we stay has no internet. And I find it very enjoyable that way. Funny part is I came home and we lost our power at home for half the day yesterday. Then when the power came back the surge knocked out our phones, internet and TV. Couldn't get if fixed until today. Luckily no damage to anything, though. Of course I had planned the whole day to catch up on emails and such. Maybe I shouldn't have come home?

Every year I have been meaning to paint this gorgeous field that is covered with yellow flowers and I finally did a little painting of it. It was fun painting on such a tiny support. Forces you not to get detailed and to stay loose. Believe it or not, I had never worked on Ampersands smooth board and it is a really neat surface. A little slicker surface than what I normally paint on, but enjoyable once I got used to that and used it to my advantage.