Sep 12, 2016

Cape Path

Cape Path 6X6 Oil  

30in30 Day 12

Working on subtleties in landscape area and true sky colors. 

Sep 11, 2016

Maine Island

Maine Island 6"X6" Oil Painting 
30 in 30 Day 11
This spot in Maine is one of my favorite to paint. There is something about the light and color that refracts in the water in this spot. Changes is seconds and unexpected. The future will hold a really large painting as there was this really neat green color appearing in the water this day which I could not, in all honesty, figure out how it was occurring and I am really challenged to see if I can paint it in a large studio piece. 

I am doing a demo Tuesday, Sept 13, 2016 at the Dedham Art Center. It will be a pastel demo. 7pm-9pm- details at Dedham Art Assoc. Hope to see you there. 

PS. Most of these paintings will be available on my Etsy Site soon. Details posted soon.  

Sep 10, 2016

Summer Clouds

6"X6" Oil on Panel

Okay, so I have to play catch up. Day 10. Life got in the way. Sometimes it has a way of sneaking in and doing that. 

Sep 5, 2016

Rose of Sharon

"Rose of Sharon" 5"X7" Pastel MFBruno

30 in 30 
Day 5
I found this Rose of Sharon bush growing between the limbs of my butterfly bush. What a nice surprise since I did not plant it. Now my dilemma is how to remove and replant it without harming it. 

Sep 4, 2016

Dusk - Pastel on canvas paper MFBruno

30 in 30 day 4
I was playing with some canvas paper I had in my flat file. I found I didn't really like the paper for painting with oils.  So I was trying out how the pastel may work on it. It wasn't too bad, although a little slick. I had toned it a gray color. Overall I probably won't use it again, but you never know what results you may have unless you experiment. 


Morning-Watercolor MFBruno
30 in 30 
Posting a little late. Holiday weekend and family is all home celebrating so sneaking up to the computer to post this when I have a second. 

Sep 2, 2016

Lighthouse Beach, Eastham

Lighthouse Beach, Eastham Pastel 7X13.5

Day 2 Painting Challenge. (Lost the light to photograph this so I will rephotograph tomorrow and replace this image as it came out a little dark when I photographed.) 

Sep 1, 2016


"Save The Monarch's Habitat" 7.5X15.5 Pastel with underpainting by MFBruno

The is my first painting in a 30 in 30 painting challenge sponsored by artist Leslie Saeta. It is also the GJWP monthly challenge- "Save". Now an explanation of the painting. The monarch butterfly population has decreased 90% over 20 years and their loss of habitat from herbicides, like Monsanto's Roundup, is a major factor. Learn how you can help at the Sierra Club.