Nov 14, 2014

Some long overdue updates!


Catching up on some long overdue news in the next couple of blogs.

The Pastel Society of America recently held their annual juried show, held at the National Arts Club in NYC and Disconnected was accepted. I always find it a privilege and honor when my work is juried into this show as it is sitting next to the exceptional work of my pastel peers. And getting accepted to this particular show is no easy task. I recently heard the number of entries they received with how many ended up being accepted. Holy pastel dust, Batman!

What a daunting task for all the jurors. Thank-you to all involved at PSA for the dedication and hard work you put into this show every year!

I worked on this piece for quite sometime, considering placement of elements, design, palette and the painting’s message, which I hope is obvious and is a social comment. I used a triangular design to keep interest centered on the girl in the foreground and added a little whimsy throughout so the message wouldn’t be too heavy, including a double entendre of the Flatiron “art space” since you are viewing a 2 dimensional painting of that space. In other words, the painting is an art space in and of itself.

And speaking of space, I have always loved the inside of the National Arts Club. It's as if you have been transported back in time.

For anyone who would like to see this piece up close, I am currently having a solo show at the Helen Bumpus Gallery in Duxbury until January 6th and this is one of the pieces included.
Helen Bumpus Gallery