Mar 29, 2010

Painted Cakes and Flowers

With all this cold weather and dreary rain, my daughter and I decided to take in the Flower Show this weekend to catch a glimpse of what we would like this spring to mirror. After parking the car and sprinting through the frigid cold to the Seaport World Trade Center, we were greeted with pure color, delight and warmth. How nice to be surrounded by luscious greens and brightly colored flowers. As always at the flower show, we came across spectacular varieties of plants and flowers that we had never seen before and can't pronounce anyway. I am hoping that I will be able to find some of these in local garden centers when spring truly arrives. It also made me long for warm plein aire painting days to arrive soon.

I came across a landscaping idea that I want my husband to now do to our back yard. It should be easy, right hun? haha!

We also came across these incredibly flower decorated cakes. I loved this painted one. I could do that...just paint on Fondant. I never even knew what Fondant was until my fam started watching The Cake Boss.

Funniest moment there...watching this older gentleman holding his camera, that must also takes videos-(I hope), at arms length above his head. He walked the whole show that way. We continually would catch glimpses of him here and there. His arm must have been exhausted by the end of his stay. And I can't quite fathom how this video must have come out.

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  1. Both of those would look great in your yard. That sitting area would be great in the V