Feb 26, 2011

Almost There

The local middle school has an artist in residence program. Each year I am lucky enough to be asked to be one of those artists. This year I decided to do something a little different. I bought this wonderful paper years ago. It is a hand made paper that has darker threads and also iridescent sparkles running through it. It has just enough tooth to be able to work with pastel. I thought this scene would appeal to the both the boys and the girls and sure enough they were extremely intrigued and asked more questions than usual.
The artist actually sets up in the main hallway. The art teachers bring their class down, but also when the bell rings and the kids are going from one class to another they pass by and stop and chat. I think the appeal to them was not only the subject matter, but the brightness of the work and also how the paper is still a big part of the painting. It was a good lesson in perspective which coincidentally they just finished studying in their art class. (I honestly did not know that ahead of time.) Quite a few must have been paying attention in class and when I asked different groups which type of perspective this illustrated, they would shout out "one point perspective". Yeah! I worked from a photo that I had taken on a trip to Pennsylvania. And I made sure to let them know that I was the passenger, not the driver, when I took the picture. The kids gave me the best compliment by telling me that the painting was very different from the photo and so much better than the photo itself. If I have to work from photos only, this is what I like to hear.
The only hard part of the day was, for some reason, there was also a giant heart shaped balloon near by that actually had a button on it that when pushed would play a tiny rendition of some song. (I have luckily forgotten the song) Of course the kids could not resist pushing it, so by the end of the day I was wishing I had a giant pin to pop it. But otherwise a fun day.

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