Mar 22, 2011

Judsons Art Outfitters

I was recently thrilled to be chosen as a featured artist for Judsons Art Outfitters. I love their products and they are always on my wish list. I bought one of their traveling rolling backpacks and am very pleased with how sturdy it is and the great pocket on the side for my tripod. It fits perfectly along with enough space and pockets for my painting or pastel box, extra paints, brushes and medium. What I really love about it is how lightweight it is.
I had an older "travel" easel from another company that was so cumbersome and heavy that by the time I trekked to my painting spot, I would be exhausted. I had been considering putting that one on ebay, but I would feel too guilty thinking about the poor person who ended up with it.
For Christmas, I was also given the Guerrilla Painter Wet Painting Tote from Judsons. It is so lightweight. Why didn't someone think of that one sooner. Rave! Can't wait for Mother's Day. (hint, hint, I want the smaller Painting Tote)


  1. Hint hint :) Is this one new? So pretty! I love the reflection of the clouds in the water.