Apr 13, 2012

Focus On Figure


I have two pieces accepted in the Focus on Figures Show at the North River Arts Society that opens tonight. This one received an honorable mention. I painted it at the Monday figure sessions we hold. The model is so beautiful and her hair framed her face so nicely that day, that I decided to focus in and do more of a portrait. My whole life I always wanted hair like hers. Soft flowing ringlets…a painters delight. We draw straws as to where we stand our easel and I was lucky to get one of the first picks that day and loved this angle and light. I think I walked around her 3 times before deciding, but kept coming back to the same spot.

Here is the link to the opening and info on the show. Focus on Figures. Got a little sneak peek the other day after the drop off. Looks like some awesome work again this year. The show doesn't have a size limitation, so there is some really nice large paintings.

Also, Thanks again to Eclipxe Salon in Norwell for sponsoring one of the awards! Thanks Kellie and Val!

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