Aug 15, 2012

Outside the Box and Pastels By Invitation


Just wanted to give a heads up for two shows happening right now. Outside The Box fundraiser is back this year at the North River Arts Society. Artists, photographers, artisans, members and supporters have donated an 8"X8" artwork. The works are 2 or 3 dimensional pieces. The fun part is that each piece is unsigned and a lot of the artists purposefully executed works out of their usual medium or style. So no one knows who's piece they are viewing or bidding on. You are bidding on something solely on your own preferences. You can even bid and view the show if you live far away-click here.
After the last bidding day, there is a closing night event where it is now revealed who the artist is. Lots of surprises. Guess which piece is mine? But, I will not let you know if you are right…until closing night, that is.


                                                PASTELS BY INVITATION 2012

There is still time to view a wonderful annual show of pastel artwork right now, Pastels by Invitation, featuring artwork by nationally known pastel artists. I was honored to be invited back this year. It runs until August 28th, so there is plenty of time to catch the show if you didn't make the opening. It is at the Creative Arts Center in Chatham, MA. So if you are vacationing on or near the cape, drop on by and see this colorful and creative show.

Additional Details-Pastels By Invitation

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