Mar 28, 2013

Peep Peep

I came home from a meeting on that one warm rainy night a few weeks back and when I pulled into my driveway I noticed something all over both garage doors. Little brownish splotches. So I drove into the garage, but stepped back into the driveway to investigate and my garage doors were covered with peepers! Of course to my dismay a ton of them had hopped into the garage in my short walk from exiting the car to the driveway, so I spent 20 minutes shooing tiny toads out of my garage. Exhausting to say the least. And the little buggers are fast! (Why the effort, you wonder...well, I really didn't want to come down to my garage the next day to dried up peeper corpses, would you? Guh...)

This is the first time in the almost 30 years that we've lived here that has happened and so I read up on "peepers" on the computer when I got upstairs. Its seems they hibernate under the bark of trees during the winter. 

I'm guessing the massive pine that fell across our driveway from the major snow storm that took out trees at just about every property in town was the culprit. A friend cut out a section just big enough for us to fit our car through, but we have been on a waiting list to get the rest of the tree removed. So we are guessing the peepers all came out of hibernation from that downed tree that one warm night and proceeded to hop up the garage doors. Needless to say, the cold snap came back right after that one night and the peepers disappeared. 

Yesterday they were back!  Maybe spring has finally arrived! 

Peep, peep! Happy Spring! 

(Image is from a fundraiser that I was part of years ago)


  1. Peep peep!
    Is this a new image or is it from the froggy cards we did way back when?
    I love love love it!

    1. The fundraiser froggy cards, yes. Seemed appropriate to the happening.