Jun 24, 2014

Field In Yellow


Had a fantastic time on our annual Maine painting trip. A few artist friends and I spend the week down east. The weather was absolutely picture perfect.  We had limited connection on our devices since we were not near a cell tower and the place we stay has no internet. And I find it very enjoyable that way. Funny part is I came home and we lost our power at home for half the day yesterday. Then when the power came back the surge knocked out our phones, internet and TV. Couldn't get if fixed until today. Luckily no damage to anything, though. Of course I had planned the whole day to catch up on emails and such. Maybe I shouldn't have come home?

Every year I have been meaning to paint this gorgeous field that is covered with yellow flowers and I finally did a little painting of it. It was fun painting on such a tiny support. Forces you not to get detailed and to stay loose. Believe it or not, I had never worked on Ampersands smooth board and it is a really neat surface. A little slicker surface than what I normally paint on, but enjoyable once I got used to that and used it to my advantage.

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