Sep 12, 2017

Sharing News!

Latest News to Share

I headed to France...

Well, sort of...Recently my work was featured in the French art magazine, Pratique Des Arts. I just have to take a refresher course in the language to be able to read it thoroughly. But since I was interviewed, I do have a pretty good idea what it says. Thank you, Pratique Des Arts for this opportunity! If you are fluent in French, or would like to look at the pictures, you can purchase their magazines here. There is a wonderful feature on IAPS in this issue above, also.
Speaking of IAPS, I received my "Master Circle" Status this year. It was so enjoyable heading out to New Mexico to receive my medal. I dragged along my husband and we side tripped to Santa Fe and also made a trip to the Georgia O'Keefe Studio. I recommend that trip to everyone, not only for the history lesson, but for the views in that area. I hope to return to do more painting in the surrounding hills.

Some other big news, I am Back to Painting Full Time

I will always dearly cherish all the friendships I made working at North River Arts Society, but there were too many signals that told me I needed to get back to painting full time. Life is short and I have to cherish the time I was given on this planet to do what I love most. So I started with my yearly jaunt to Maine with some of my sister artist friends. A week of painting dusk to dawn, good food and lots of laughter. I'll be sharing my creations soon.

Other news to share:
  • I'll be doing a demo tomorrow night for the Foxboro Art Association to be held at the Boyden Library at 7pm. Click here or their face book page here for more info
  • I'll be teaching a class on Beginner's pastel starting November at the North River Arts Society, haven't you always wanted to learn how to paint in pastel? Come join in the fun.
  • AND I have to share that my daughter Rachael Meyers and her friend Dani Nylan have cofounded a site for South Shore Moms. It features lots of great info not only for young Moms, but for everyone, including us "Nina's" (that is what my grandchildren call me.) Check it out! and you can also follow on Facebook here
  • And I also hope to blog a lot more now that I have more time, so stay tuned. Thanks so much for following. Follow my Instagram and Facebook page, too, if you like. 

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