Jan 15, 2010


Just like most of the world, I am feeling somewhat helpless at what is happening in Haiti. So with today's post I am simply offering prayers and a link.


  1. On the Haiti tragedy, I am lucky and grateful to report that my Doctor and his wife, a Nurse Practitioner just returned from Haiti on Friday. They have been visiting regularly in a program similar to Doctors Without Borders and had just been there in November with their whole family. Needless to say, I was sick not knowing until I called their office Thursday morning, to find that they had narrowly escaped.
    I feel fortunate every day that I wake up without such suffering.All my problems are small in comparison to the suffering.
    Your work is beautiful, Margaret. I'll add you to my blog links, too.

  2. Haiti is a tragedy. Fortunately, people from all around the world have come together and united for a common good. I am praying that a reorganization of the government occurs and that the people of Haiti find a new peace.