Jan 26, 2010

Small Pond Winter


I started this painting around a week ago and just got to finish it during the weekend. Busy week last week. The pond is at the end of our street and I loved the long shadows across the snow and the gorgeous reds in the trees and bushes. Usually during the winter once the ice is frozen all the neighborhood kids and parents clear off the snow and spend their afternoons skating. Each time they tried this year it would snow on their efforts and so I think they gave up in frustration. On the bright side, they did get in lots of sledding.
I remember one year the conditions being exceptionally good for a long stretch of time. One of those nights a moon was shining big and bright and full. Enough light shown across the pond that the kids could keep skating. The wind was hushed and the air clean and crisp. We built a small fire and had hot cocoa on hand to keep warm.
With the two warm days and pouring rain that we just had, the snow is now gone off the pond. The winter is still very young, though and we could have another cold snap that will allow the kids to skate again. That's life in New England.

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  1. This is beautiful - you are lucky to have such a nice neighborhood jewel. When I'm frozen to the bone walking Paco I'll think of you and be glad your pond can be a skating rink for the kids ;)