Feb 24, 2010

How cool

Since my blog is essentially a babyblog, meaning a new endeavor, I was thrilled to be awarded a sunshine award from Sally Dean. Thanks, Sally! Sally's blog is inspirational. Her goal is a painting or drawing a day with some use of a flower within it and to accomplish this for 365 days. Whew. She has been so creative in her thought process for executing this, too. You are inspiring, Sally.
Here are my recipients(in no particular order):
12)Drawing & Painting Steve Doherty

All are creative, fun and addicting. They should really call it blogcrastination as I find myself immersed in reading and keeping up and not tending to my own work at hand, sometimes.
Of course, there are a ton of others that I would give this award to, but I was told to list just 12...
Here are the "official" rules-
Take the picture of the flower and put it on your blog. Pick 12 recipients and link them to your blog. Notify these people.
Lots of work, but they all give me joy.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you M.F.! I really appreciate that you gave me the award and have enjoyed seeing your work as well!