Feb 17, 2010


After posting the drawing yesterday, I decided to do a little research. When I placed the lily by the statue I was aware that it was symbolic to Christian and Catholic faith and knew that it was associated with the Virgin Mary and her purity. And so I thought it was a meaningful flower to incorporate into the drawing not only for those reasons, but because I knew my mother and mother-in-law both loved receiving these flowers during the Easter season. Well, to my amazement and enlightenment this is what I found. In Christian faith the white lily is the associated flower and symbol of the Virgin Mary and the parts of the flower itself have their own significance. The stem represents the Virgin Mary's faithful mind. The petals, her purity and virginity. The scent, her divinity and the leaves, her humility. (I am sure my grandmother is now rolling her eyes at me up in heaven at my lack of knowledge. I admit I was not one to pay attention in CCD. And I am positive that when and if my brother-in-law Tom reads this will have the same reaction as my grandmother. He is an inspiration to us all with his incredible faith and knowledge.)


  1. I love that you shared all this research Peggy!
    I didnt know any of this- of course-I am a heathen...

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