Oct 22, 2016


"Pumpkin Stripes" 8"X8" ©MargaretFarrellBruno

The latest GJWP  challenge was Stripes. So with Halloween just around the corner and pumpkins in abundance, I thought it would be fun to add stripes to a white pumpkin and then do a still life painting of said pumpkin on a striped piece of cloth. What possessed me to use a white striped cloth when I chose white pumpkins. What was I thinking? White on white...it was a challenge. I added the black cloth to create an additional dark contrasting stripe and which, along with the cloths stripes, leads the eye back in space. 

And speaking of GJWP, we will be at the Community Center in Hingham for the Annual Arts Walk
Stop on in, we would love to see you. We'll all be there with paints and paintings in hand. 


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