Sep 21, 2010


It has been at least 30 days since I dropped my middle child off to college. There is a definite missing piece around the house without him here. While watching the late night news if I hear a sound, I absentmindedly think it is Jarrod coming through the door, only to be disappointed that it is the house settling in for the night. I miss those hilarious, animated midnight stories of his adventures or misadventures of the day.
I made my first fall dinner of home made beef stew the other night. One of his favorites. And felt guilty eating it without him present. My husband and youngest child did not have the same concern.
Time really does fly by too fast. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I captured he and his friends “crabbin” in the pool tides. I know he must now yearn for those lazy summer days when his only concern was making sure his fingers weren’t pinched by the wary crustaceans. Now his responsibilities are studying, grade point average, professors and girls. Of course, he is also having the time of his life taking in incredible Penn State football games, clubs and just hanging out with a slew of brand new friends.
So while I do have my extreme moments of melancholy, I only have to imagine Jarrod now in a group of Penn State friends laughing infectiously as they walk the narrow paths of the campus and I feel much better.

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  1. Sometimes a photograph is taken or a painting created to capture a moment - to keep it forever. Your crabbin blog did a perfect job sketching the outline, coloring it in, then turning the page to a new drawing waiting and hoping for just the right hues. No painting or portrait will ever do a better job than you just did showing the mom left behind feeling happy, sad and hopeful. I loved reading it as much as I love your paintings! Years from now this will be a special gift for Jarrod.
    xo Colleen