Sep 24, 2010

A New Leaf

Out walking yesterday on the first day of fall and came across this remarkable brilliant red leaf on the ground. First brightly colored leaf I had happened upon this new season. "How appropriate and beautiful," I thought. After I picked it up and studied it, I looked up and around trying to find which tree or bush it had come from. The only other red leaves I could find were a patch of poison ivy. I had already been holding the leaf for a few moments and grazing it gently with my fingers when I came to this realization that I may have ruined my day. I gingerly tiptoed up to the poison ivy patch for a closer look making sure not to inadvertently touch the nasty stuff and much to my relief, my leaf was somewhat different. So I took it home and did a painting of it...Anyone know what it is?

Also, I am testing out the different grades of Uart Pastel paper. This was done on the 800 grade. I found it very much less granular. It doesn't allow you to scumble as much as the lower grades. And gives kind of a fuzzy effect and a mushy feeling. Getting tight details is a little hard. Good for if you want to not be too tight with your work.

Anyone looking for a plein air umbrella? I have a new box that has a specific umbrella that works with it. So my other very lightly used one is up for bids. Comes with carrying case and accesories...


  1. Stunning piece. You should be an artist....


  2. This would be the perfect gift for a fall birthday!